Chesapeake 16


My first build, with a restriction of being able to get the kayak out a 10 1/2 inch window in the spring, has presented several challenges.

( My father build a 16 ft wooden boat in the basement and had major renovations to the doorframe to remove it, so several people are already laughing @ me )

I have been taking photos as I plug along, and with the help from this board, and several helpful websites I am on schedule for final sanding and varnish in the garage in late Mar, and April.

Here is a link to a few of my photos,

Thanks to Mark, and Laszlo.

Ted B

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RE: Chesapeake 16

Hi Ted


I noticed that you had used marine ply for the main deck-beam.  No laminating ? Or am I wrong.


RE: Chesapeake 16

Hi Ted,

 I saw the pictures, very impressive.  I have been working on my 16 on and off for several months.  Winter in Chgo is brutal, so I took some time off.  Just had the courage to do my fillets the other night, seem pretty solid.  Two questions for you.  It looks like you are using the same foot braces I purchased.  Does it tell you were to place them or can you tell me?  Also, I am trying to figure out how to do my end pours in my garage with an 8 ft ceiling and 30 degrees outside.  I have a little heated tent that I am working in so my options are limited.  Did you use a form to hold the end pour in place and did you have to use slow drying epoxy or did you use regular expoxy with hardner?  I had been told the regular epoxy will heat up and not work properly in that mass?  Thanks in advance for the reply.

RE: Chesapeake 16


One way to build your end pours is to tape a cardboard dam in place at bow/stern, then when you find you have left over thickened epoxy, just dump/scrape it into the end.  By the time you get to putting the deck on you'll likely have filled 75% of the void, at which time you can pour another batch in to fill it to the top.  Worked great for me, as I was routinely mixing up too much thickened epoxy (or unthickened, for that matter) for each job.  Just a thought....

Good luck,


RE: Chesapeake 16


I also did the cardboard dam (wrapped in plastic so it didn't stick) end pour.  I am working in cool temperatures, and dumped thickened epoxy in and had no problems with it overheating.   My end pour is rather small (about 5 inches from the end), and I did it all at once.  I smoothed the top and tried to keep it a bit lower than the top of the boat so that I could fill in the remaining void with thickened epoxy just before I attached the deck.  Worked great.

As far as the foot braces, I found the best way to figure out where to put them is to just sit in the boat, on a protected surface (set the deck on the hull so you know where the cockpit is) and see where you want them.  I fretted quite a bit about where to put them, and in the end that seemed the best way.  The good news is that they are very adjustable so it doesn't have to be exact as long as they work with your bulkheads.  


RE: Chesapeake 16

wholy cow, replies.

The deck beam is the one shipped with the kit, the plys are vertical, 3 layers thick of 4 mil plywood, same as the decks. I managed to make the forward beam out of the cut off, several coats of epoxy and voila, 2 shiny deck beams.

The end pours, I used pink foam insulation as the dam and hot glued it into the space. Praying for no leaks I filled it in two pours of epoxy and it did get warm and free flowing. I then placed the oak blocks with anchors into the pour and tapped the hull with a hammer to settle the block into the epoxy and bring up the air. The pink foam will keep the kayak from sinking when swamped, I am kidding, they are only about 3 in X 6 in X 1/2 thick and tapered.

The footbraces I did as Kathy said, sat in the kayak, stretched out my long legs, added my sz 9 feets, and marked the sides 1 -2 inch down from the shearclamps. This was near the end of travel of the rails, also close to the bulkhead.

I am really enjoying this build, and I am afraid It may be catching, I always did like strippers.

Ted B


RE: Chesapeake 16

Thanks again for all the replies, very helpful!  I am really enjoying the build and looking into my next one.

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