What to look for when inspecting a partially built kit?

Hi everyone,

I just spoke to someone who has a partially assembled Chesapeake 17 kit they need to part with, and I'm thinking of picking her up.  I just emailed them to find out what state the kit is in (mainly to find out if I'm going to need to move 17' long strips of unbraced 4mm plywood down 60 miles of freeway) 


Aside from the obvious logistical issues of a started kit, what should I look at? Were I building from a new kit, I'd know what mistakes I made. With someone else, I'm not sure how to tell, and how to determine what I should do about it. Are there any non-obvious (by which I mean less obvious than: the boat had a forklift driven through her) things which should make me walk away from the deal?




-- James

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RE: What to look for when inspecting a partially built kit?

Assuming that it's a CLC kit, my first concern would be the wood. It should be clean, undamaged, unwarped and have no waterstains. Next, I'd look at the scarfs or puzzle joints. They should be solid, no unfilled voids or glue starvation. Then there's the glass. Glass on the boat should be well saturated, with no bubbles or voids or peeled-up areas. Unused glass should be clean and dry, stored in a dust-free container.

If the hull is already glued, check for twists. Take along the stuff to do the crossed string and 2-stick tests.

Inventory the kit and make sure that it has all the parts, enough epoxy to finish and the manual.

The only real show-stopper in all this is if the wood has more than cosmetic blemishes. Everything else can be cut, adjusted, sanded and filled. Just adjust your price to reflect this. Conversely, if it's the masterpiece of the ages, it'd only be right to pay for the quality.

Replacements for dinged wood and missing parts can be ordered from CLC, just make sure to deduct that cost from your offer.

Good luck with it,



RE: What to look for when inspecting a partially built kit?



Thanks for helping out once again. It was a CS17, partially built, selling for $200. Unfortunately, it was sold 10 minutes after he posted to the local craigslist, so the saving for a kit continues. :) Almost there. :)


-- James



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