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My old truck has gone to the great scrap yard, so I ordered my most recent batch of marine plywood from CLC. They shipped it out on a Friday and it arrived at my door the following Tuesday. It was carefully packed in two large pieces of corugated cardboard that will make great shop floor mats, with a couple of 8' x 1/2" x 3/4" mahogany strips protecting the edges that will certainly find good use one day. But here's the best part: the wood is much better quality than the stock I bought last year from a Boston area dealer. The price was the same and CLC's $99 shipping charge was half offset by not having to pay Massachusetts sales tax or buy gas for the trip to Boston. Thanks, John - Wes

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RE: CLC Plywood

And you can see photos of what my daughter and I did with the plywood at this site:

RE: CLC Plywood

I had the same positive experience. The local wood bouquet was charging significantly more than CLC. I saved up and ordered a few sheets at a time and it worked out great. Now I just have to use it.



RE: CLC Plywood

I have just recieved 3 sheets of 4mm from CLC and the quality of the ply is tops. Delivery to Colorado was surprisingly quick and the condition of my order after its trec was perfect....

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