Chessie 16 Panel Perfection : Plans Builders

Text in the Assembly Manual & New Kayak Shop warn plans builders about the necessity to make quite sure that the two bottom and the two side panel sets are a mirror-image of each other.

In other words, make absolutely sure that they are identical.  This stands to reason.  However, by the time one has block-planed the clamped panels down to the pencil lines, and repeatedly run one's fingers along the edges, little doubts start to creep in !

Is this a slight "step" or not ?  So one touches up ever so lightly with a freshly sharpened plane.  Another run of the fingers down the panel edges ..... In the end one decides enough is enough as the imagination starts to play tricks.

My question: Just HOW crucial is PERFECTION ?  I reckon I've got the tolerances down to less than 0.2 of a millimetre (maybe even 0.1).  I'm now itching to start drilling the holes for the wiring, then doubt creeps back ....

Any one had similar doubts ?  Does your little boat go around in circles when you paddle it ?


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RE: Chessie 16 Panel Perfection : Plans Builders

If your panels have fair curves, you're good to go.  Bevel your edges a bit and start wiring.  Relax.

You will have to continue to keep things fair.  But it's a kayak, not neurosurgery.  Stay patient and ask when you are worried.

Best of luck.

RE: Chessie 16 Panel Perfection : Plans Builders

Many thanks for your encouragement and the bevelling tip ~ time to move on.


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