2 Matunucks build

i started a blogspot on the build that Dawn and I are doing.  i haven't posted too much but i will do more this weekend and during the week.  the build is very educational.   i am a carpenter by trade and Dawn is just learning.  More posts coming.



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RE: 2 Matunucks build

Nice boats.  I don't want to brag, but why not?  I am the lady who is building the other Matunuck.  I am very impressed with my boat.  It looks great!  Dave knows his stuff and is a very good teacher.

RE: 2 Matunucks build

Hi Guys,

Yaks are looking good!!!  So have you decided on a graphic?  After you are done with your play yaks are you gonna try a Sea Yak?


RE: 2 Matunucks build

We have a couple plastic Wilderness SOT'sso we have some experience with sea kayaks.  We may want to build sea kayaks after these.  We will get these done and then think about it.  And yes, I have decided on a name for my boat:  Somethin' Else.  Maybe I will find a logo of some kind to go along with it.  But we are liking our boats a whole lot and are impressed with how they came together.  It is a lot of work, and getting the decks and hulls together was a bear, but once we did one, then the other one wasn't so bad.  Using a big clamp for the bow didn't help  it was more of a nuisance because it wouldn't stay put.  So we used the partner method.  Cut the tape ahead of time, line up the pieces of tape, squeeze in the sides, tape, repeat.  We got kind of good at it. 

RE: 2 Matunucks build

now that we are getting our hulls and decks together, i am seeing the size of the Matunuck.  how big, or small is Nick Schade?  this boat is a like a glove for me, and i am 6'0" with a size 10 1/2 shoe.  nonetheless, it will be a great fun boat. 

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