footbrace placement in a Matunuck

does anyone know the correct footbrace placement for a Matunuck?  i have seen the the tips thing but that is for a regular kayak so i know about the distance for the cockpit.  but does it go on the bottom side or the rail or the deck side.  my thinking is the rail but i think the mounting stud flange is too wide for that piece.  should i bend the flange on the stud and put it on the rail?  we will be putting this in on friday before we put the hull and deck together. 

thanks, Dave

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RE: footbrace placement in a Matunuck

I can't recall ever seeing traditional footbraces in a surf boat. The reason is that when you're beeing tossed around, your feet would likely slip off of them. I'd recommend carving a big footrest that will act as a bulkhead that you can push against regardless of where your feet go. If you want, you can make it sit out a bit from where the balls of your feet need to go, and you can carve out a recess so that they can't easily move around.

Another tip: Your standard outfitting foam is pricey stuff. OTOH there's a less dense foam that some kayak manufacturers use for packing/shipping material, and the retailers typically toss the stuff. I wouldn't use it for seats or thighbraces, but it's fine for footrests, and you may be able to get it for free. It's typically white in color.


RE: footbrace placement in a Matunuck

Besides the density, a really big difference between foam types is whether they're open or closed cell. Open cell foams absorb water, closed cell foams don't. If the shipping foam is open cell, instead of a foot rest, you could end up with a sponge that makes bailing impossible. So check it out before installing it.



RE: footbrace placement in a Matunuck

foot braces??  really????  we put our hulls and decks together today and couldn't resist checking the fit.  putting it in the grass gives you better perspective of the size.   my size 10 foot, hmm.  there was room, but not a lot.  i think the footbraces will have to wait for my C17.  i think the best way to go is to put foam in there and carve a bit to give me some foot-hold somehow.  the manual doesn't show them and the list of materials has them on it.  just not enough room.  


RE: footbrace placement in a Matunuck

I agree with Dave, my lady's size 8 foot doesn't leave any room for footbraces, either.  Closed cell foam, carved for one's particular feet, is the way to go.  No need to worry about slipping down into the nose and struggling back into the seat before a wave comes on these boats -- there isn't any room for that.  Although getting your feet twisted up in there could be a problem.  So no footbraces, and a closed cell foam bulkhead/footrest is the way to go on these boats.  Softer and more forgiving, too. 

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