Hot glue

I am building a hybrid Night Heron, and have the inside of the hull glassed. I have installed half of the particle board deck forms and secured them with hot glue as recommended in the manual. When I got to the cockpit area I realized I needed to make some adjustments to form placement, and have found that hot glue holds a lot better than I thought it did. Any tricks to remove it easily? In the manual they just disappear from one photo to the next with no mention of how to remove them.

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RE: Hot glue


Lay a block of wood against the form and give it a sharp rap with a hammer.  It should pop loose.  Remember to drive it towards midship so you are going towards a wider part of the boat.  You should then be able to peal off any glue left stuck to the boat.

When resetting the forms use as little glue as you can until you have got everything in the proper place.  Then add more glue if necessary.

Good luck.  Hope this helps.

Paul G

RE: Hot glue

Thanks Paul.

Your method worked quite well, and I removed the remaining glue with a chisel and scraper. Next time I will use less glue as you have suggested.


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