rub rail wood species

I'm considering using poplar or a combination of poplar and mahogany for the rub rails. Appreciate any opinions or recomendations on wood species other then mahogany for bending & adhereing as rubrails.  thanks

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RE: rub rail wood species

Hi Bob,

 I'm in the process of adding the rails to the Skerry. I'm deviating from the plans a bit, but I'm using Spruce ripped to 1x5/8". I dry fitted it and it bends easily with no hint of breaking/cracking. Next step is to glue!

 I obtained the wood from Home Depot. I cut the best parts out of a 2"x10"x8' and scarphed it in the middle. 

Hope it helps!


RE: rub rail wood species

Thanks Jean. I decided to try clear fir. Poplar was all too greenish. Bob

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