Attaching the endforms

Hey Everyone,

 First, thanks to all of you all for the wealth of information on this board--it's truly a lifesaver!

 Quick question: I've attached the endforms on my Guillemot, but I still need to glue the small forms on to it. The only thing is, the forms are shorter than the endforms. For example, Form 16 is 3.75" tall, but the endform is 7.25" tall. Should the form be attached all the way at the bottom? All the way at the top? Somewhere in between?

 Thanks in advance for your help.


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RE: Attaching the endforms

I believe it works out to where they are flush with the top, but you should have some lines (pattern) or grooves (premade forms) and that is what you line up.

RE: Attaching the endforms

Got it! Thanks again!

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