Big splash of a small boat

Paulownia, bubinga, mahogany, bamboo, an okoume hull and a lot of man and woman hours went into this 14.5’ Shearwater Hybrid (old style 21.5” beam). My daughter Leah and I spent three months of her non working hours on the project and she will paddle in the surf and bays of South Florida and the Everglades. Careful attention to building light and the use of paulownia in the field of the deck brought the finished hull and deck in at 32 lbs. 7 oz. and the fully rigged boat weighs just 35.2 lbs. We designed an integrated rudder (a la Epic or Dagger Kayaks) controlled by Smart Track foot controls that allows for great crosswind and leeway tracking without interrupting her forward stroke and the light boat weight plus Eric Schades great design make for a fast boat. Thanks to Eric for the design and to everyone at CLC for great support. SEEYA Jack

Here's a link to a picture

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RE: Big splash of a small boat

beautiful boat!

RE: Big splash of a small boat

What a BEAUTIFUL boat!!! I love it that you built it with your daughter and not just for her....what a lucky young lady!

RE: Big splash of a small boat

Beautiful boat!  I love the swoops. 

I'm building two CH16s.  One will have an okoume deck.  The other likely will have a strip plank deck.  I have read a lot on strip planking - and think I have a good idea of how it works - but have not seen how swoops like yours are made.  Is there a website or book that you can point me to?

Pawlonia is the lighter colored wood?

I ordered a set of Smarttrack foot controls for one of these boats.  Seems like a great idea, but I have no experience with them.  I have read that you need to order a separate vertical adjusting plate with it.  True?  I've also read that installing it without using through-hull bolts is difficult.  How did you install your foot controls?

Any info or advice is appreciated.

Paul in Phoenix


RE: Big splash of a small boat

Thanks guys .... Paul post your e-mail address and I'll send some info and pictures. SEEYA Jack

RE: Big splash of a small boat

Oh, My!


That is beautiful.

Congrats to you both

RE: Big splash of a small boat

Thanks, Jack.

plfaulkner at hotmail dot com

Paul in Phoenix

RE: Big splash of a small boat

Paul, I know of no vertical adjusting plate to use with the foot control. SEEYA Jack

RE: Big splash of a small boat

I agree: beautiful boat.

I'd like to see more about your hatch straps.  How did you attach them underneath the deck?  Do you have close-up photos?

Did you do the same thing with the straps for the deck lines?

I have a Shearwater double mostly complete: final sand and varnish hull, attach hatches, foot and hip braces and deck fittings. Rudder, also using SmartTrack.  I ran out of outdoor work time / summer here in Minnesota.

Hatch attachments: Didn't like the CLC method of wood screw turning a cover plate.  I'd like something like your straps.

Foot Braces: I want something other than thru hull attachment bolts.  I'll use side panels similar to hip brace panels.  But add to slots for straps to hold gear like extra paddles next to feet.

Hip braces: add slots for ties/bags for water bottles, binocs and pump.

When I'm done with varnishing, hatchs and braces, I'll work on the rudder.


craigr at computer-u dot com

RE: Big splash of a small boat

Craig, I ordered the straps from Current Design. The SmartTracks have to be through bolted so you'd have to mount them on some kind of a batten and then mount that to the large headed bolts CLC sells for non through bolted installation. The slots for the straps that hold the beck lines etc. are oval holes 3/16" x 7/8" filled with thickened epoxy and then 1/16" x 3/4" slots are cut in the middle of those for the strap loops to go through. I made the loops from 3/4" PVC strap material cut 3" long, doubled over with the bitter ends sticking out of a vice about 1" I melted the bitter ends into a blob with a hot knife then stuck the strap through the slots from the inside with a blob of silicon on them for water proofness. I'll send you some pictures when I get home Friday to assuming that's your address. SEEYA Jack

RE: Big splash of a small boat

We have well tended Paulownia Elongata timber for sale right here in the USA (Kentucky). Email for your paulownia needs.

RE: Big splash of a small boat

Wow! Beautiful boat, great job!

RE: Big splash of a small boat

Very pretty boat/design.  Tell me how you got that design.  I am thinking about building a hybrid wood duck this winter. 

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