Trailer for Eastport Pram

Can anyone recommend a specific trailer for the Eastport Pram? Has anyone tried the small Trailex trailer with this boat? It looks like it might be too long...

If I build this boat, I will need to be able to transport and launch (possibly on a boat ramp) on my own.



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RE: Trailer for Eastport Pram

I've seen references to transporting small dinghies using jet-ski trailers? Has anyone seen/done this?



RE: Trailer for Eastport Pram

A jet-ski trailer should work fine for an Eastport pram, though you will have to get it exorcised and purified before putting a real boat onto it.

The only real issue may be that the boat is too light. The PWC trailers I've seen have all been sprung for 600 lbs, while the EPP comes in at about 10% of that. You may actually need to add a couple of hundred pounds of ballast to the trailer to get the ride right.

As far as the length of the Trailex trailer goes, it's a kit and it's aluminum. If you're handy with a hacksaw and a drill, you should be able to adjust it to a perfect fit.

Good luck,



RE: Trailer for Eastport Pram

I took a good look at my Trailex STU-200 trailer and my Eastport Pram.  The bunks on the trailer are almost infinitely movable along the length of the trailer spine, so they seem to be adjustable to handle the Pram.  My Laser is on the trailer now and the EPP slides nicely into the rear of my Tahoe, and I can manhandle the EPP from the Tahoe to the water, so I'm good for now.  If I sell the Laser, I might keep the trailer for the Pram, which will make things easier.  Good luck.  Jer 

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