Cold Weather End Pours

I'm ready to do end pours, but the weather forecast for the next six days is wet and cold, with high temps in the low 50s. I will be doing shallow angle end pours in the shop as I did with my Shearwater. It will probably be about 60 in my shop. Will end pours cure in these conditions or should I wait for warmer days? -Wes

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RE: Cold Weather End Pours

I did the end pours in my Shearwater last fall when it was closer to 50 degrees F. Using MAS slow hardener for the first one it was a close call. It just barely solidified enough to bring inside before sunset. The next one, I started earlier in the day, placed the boat in a large pail of warm water, hung a light bulb inside and used medium hardener. That one went a little better.

It worked out fine. Better with the warm water, light bulb and medium hardener. It may have taken as long as 3 or 4 hours to set hard enough to move in either case.


Ogata, eric

RE: Cold Weather End Pours

As usual, I should have read the instructions first. I'm using West G-Flex, which is a thickened epoxy that sticks to anything, even underwater. According to the instructions it will cure to 40 degrees, but will take longer to harden than the four hours it takes at 72 degrees. Temperature in my shop is right at 60. Photos show it flowed where I wanted it and covered the screws of my lifting toggles. I'll leave it until mid-morning before turning the boat over. That will give it 18 hours to harden enough so it won't flow out.

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