Extra Fiberglass

I have noticed that on pgymy boats they fiberglass the entire inside of the hull and on the chesapeakes they only fiberglass the cockpit. Does it make a big difference in strength? Is it worth th extra time and effort (and cost) to fiberglass the storage areas?

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RE: Extra Fiberglass

Depends on what you're planning on doing with the boat. Lots of Chessies have worked very successfully without the extra glass. The main difference would be in abrasion resistance, so if you're planning on putting hard or pointy objects down the hatch, it'd be a good idea. We had a catfish get stuck in the rear hatch compartment of my wife's CH16LT because it got its spines stuck into the unglassed wood. A layer of 4 oz glass would have kept that from happening.

There's also an increase in hull stiffness, but not a whole lot with just 4 oz woven glass.

The extra cost should be pretty much only the extra glass. If you're careful with epoxy consumption, there should be enough spare to do the hatches. First time builders will probably not have enough spare and should count on ordering more. BTW, I wouldn't fill the weave or worry about varnishing it. That would just add weight, and who am I trying to impress, the catfish?





RE: Extra Fiberglass

Couldn't you you just coat the inside of the hatche with epoxy for abrasion resistance? But that would just add weight and no strength

I just want to make sure that I don't crack the hull if I do something stupid and end up hitting some rocks while shoring the boat or something of that nature. I totally agree with not filling the weave or varnishing it. To me fiberglass then wood then fiberglass again would seem a lot stronger, but I haven't built a kayak yet either.

RE: Extra Fiberglass


I plan on painting the interior of my boat, both cockpit and storage areas, with exterior oil-based paint.  This is mostly to give it a cleaner look, but do you know if there are problems associated with this?  E.g., will exterior oil paint stick to the epoxy and fiberglass? or should I count on a primer first?  Of course, all this primer/paint will certainly add weight, but I'm kinda' hooked based on other boats I've seen with painted (i.e., very clean looking) interiors.

Appreciate all the wisdom you pass along;



P.S., Knitron... sorry for hijacking your thread....

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