Interlux Paints and primer

What is the story? All instuctions on interlux say not to use below water line ,yet CLC say to paint with it on Kayaks.

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RE: Interlux Paints and primer

CLC includes the following note in it's product catalog under the Interlux products:

The instructions on the can say "Not for use below waterline," which causes some confusion.  What Interlux means by this is that it isn't for big, heavy boats that live in the water for months or years.  For kayaks, canoes, dinghies, rowing boats and so on, which never spend more than a few weeks at a time in the water, Interlux Brightsides is perfect and we've been using it on Light Craft for 20 years.  If your boat is going to live in the water, you'll need "antifouling" paint, anyway.

RE: Interlux Paints and primer

Thank you jimcav now I feel more at ease painting the bottom of my kayak.

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