Any Petrel builders out there?

Having built two Chesapeaks and two Shearwater hybrids, I'm now looking to try one of Nicks beautiful designs. (This really is addictive isn't it!!) I really like the Night Heron (18'), but  this boat will be for a smaller paddler, so I'm interested in the Petrel at 17'. I will be building an all-strip boat. I'm used to the step-by-step CLC type build manuals and I'm concerned that I might dive in over my head with the Petral. Will Shade's book be enough guidance? Any feedback regarding build difficulty, performance or whatever would be appreciated.

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RE: Any Petrel builders out there?

I thought you'd get more replies to this one - I notice you had some good ones on the guillemot forum.

I was surprised when I saw the performance ratings for the Petrel, compared, especially, to the Night Heron.  Is the Petel really a faster boat than the NH?  From what I've read, it's a great rough water boat  - but the speed - doesn't sound right!

I haven't had the chance to paddle any of these boats, and that would be best, of course.  The New Zealander who built one for his wife seemed to think it was a great daypaddler, but also good for longer, multiday trips.  With the rocker, I'd think it'd be a bit slower, less 'point to point', but if you've good technique, apparently it's not an issue.

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