Motor for passagemaker

What motor would people recommend for the PM dinghy?

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RE: Motor for passagemaker

From the PM Standard web page:

"If you have a long harbor to cross, a 2, 3, or 4 horsepower outboard will drive the Passagemaker to harbor speed limits and beyond. Transom height is 15 inches, sized for short-shaft outboards." 

Lot's of choices, both gas and electric.

Going 'fuel-less' there's battery weight to plan for, a small price to pay for leaving the noxious fumes to others.


RE: Motor for passagemaker


There are indeed many choices for motors --- I wonder if people have recommendations from anyone. 

with an electric motor, one can choose an Turbo with integrated battery that seem expensive or a trolling type motor with an external battery. I guess I'd need a big enough waterproof hatch for that battery.  

a gasoline motor seems less appealing, 


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