Shearwater Sport

Having been involved with building  20+ CLC kits, having real problem with making deck of the Shearwater Sport fit.  Have adjusted forms several times with no luck.  Can get forward to fit than aft won't and vice versa.  Anyone else had this issue and how resolved?  Also find the manual pictures are not helpful.  Thanks for any advice.


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RE: Shearwater Sport

Hi Arink, 

i have built several shearwater's before but not the sport specifically...however, i know the series well and they are all very similar.

it's not quite clear to me where in the process you are?  have you filleted and taped both the hull and deck and are trying to now pull it all together and having trouble pulling it into alignment? or are you at some prior step?

what i do know is that, unlike the chesapeake series, is that you have to take care to ensure you built/lined up the deck to ensure its proper shape before it is completed or it can flatten quite a bit....if you have locked in this "flattened shape" becuase you fillet/taped it when it was not in the correct shape, it can be quite an effort or impossible (if it is way out of line) to then force the hull and deck together.

that said, everything is fixable, it may just take undoing something or applying a bit more muscle than one is intiially comfortable with, or something else once we know where you are in the process....but i am sure we can sort it out if you provide some more details and/or pictures of the problem.


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