Oxford: Rounding off the stem and keel

I'm just about ready to glass the bottom of my Oxford shell.  I don't quite understand the rounding off of the stem and keel for the bow.  In particular as there is a transition to a beveled seams.  Am I supposed to fill this section of keel that is unbevelled or round off the forward keel and even up when I hit the beveled part?

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RE: Oxford: Rounding off the stem and keel

Hi Benjamin

when you go to glass a hull, the glass will not conform 'sharp' angles and also sharp angles are very susceptible to damage.  so there is always a bit of 'rounding' that is applied along the joint line (the two facets) of a stitch and glue boat.  the more acute the angle, the more important and noticable the rounding.

the second half of the following video on the CLC website explains it a bit with a kayak as an example.


with respect to your specific question, either approach is an option. 

if you are painting the hull, no need to add material, just round it over and feather it in towards your beveled seams (but even your beveled seams should get a bit of rounding.)

if you are going with a clear finish, you can proceed as above (just be neat and careful), or you can, as an option, add a bead of wood flour paste right along the keel line on the bow and stern and fare it in.  

below is an example of no material added and everything just rounded (you can expand the picture of the bow area)

and in the example below, you can see material has been added and then fared in.  either approach works great... if done neatly.

hope this was helpful.


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