Oxford II rowing shell

Folks, update on Oxford II roqinf shell build, ready for glassing. I bought the kit version, it was well made and packaged. Shown is a WIntec rig bought separately. Need to purchase the slider rails and attachemnts last. I did need to ge a little extra epoxy from the kitted version, or atl least i think i need it. Im not sure ther'e senogh to finish the hull glassing so I ordered an addtional 1/2 gallon resin and quart of hardener


I'll post some lessons learned as well, Some slight improvements to applying wet fiberglass seams and filleting goop.



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RE: Oxford II rowing shell

Looks great!  After reading your post I looked at the CLC kit and noticed they've changed the rig they offer with this boat, going with a welded tubular setup instead of the airfoil.  Was the previous CLC rig also a Wintec?  Curious if you have any insights on the change.  I definitely prefer the look of your rig over the new version.

And I look forward to hearing about your "lessons learned."  One of these days I may build this shell myself.

RE: Oxford II rowing shell

JackJ, yes they changed the rig to a tubular assembl, i also preferred the airfoil rig which i believe was a Wintec rig. The rig is available by going to Wintec directly and CLC advises the saem if you want that one.  They sell the rig and a variety of oarlocks and pin assemblies for different diameters.    

Oarmaster also makes a tubular rig and sliding seat assembly but not sure how available they are. These are also heavier.

I'll post the lesso s learned shortly.


RE: Oxford II rowing shell

   I think the selection of rowing rig. I would like to know the reason for the switch. Beautiful work.

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