Greetings from sunny SE Queensland, Australia.

With a couple of past CLC designs having been completed a few years ago - Chesapeake 17 and Shearwater 17 - I have just ordered plans for the strip-plank solo MicroBootleger 14'.   I realise that the construction will be little more challenging than my two previous S&G boats, but am confident that I can do a satisfactory job, having plenty of post-retirement time on my hands to work slowly and methodically. 

The choice of Bootlegger is dictated to some extent by my ageing hip, knee, and ankle joints, which make climbing in and out of confined spaces quite tricky, so the open cockpit should overcome this.   I also like the style and design of this craft, which for recreational paddling should handle conditions in the nearby sheltered Moreton Bay quite adequately.   

I'd be grateful to hear any tips, hints, or experiences from others who may have built this craft. 


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The boat attracts me for the same reasons, plus it's beautiful.  

I could no longer get into my Cheseapeke 16 which I built maybe 25 years ago.  Last month I cut out the deck to make a 20" x 44" cockpit and made a new coaming of ash strips and added a cushy seat from Amazon.

It's a completely different boat - easy to get in and out and the seat supports my back so paddling for an hour or two is comfortable.

Going to do the same thing to my wife's C 16 LT and maybe retrofit a stripped deck.

After that I may just start a MicroBootlegger Sport.  Very tempting...

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