Kaholo 12-6 bulkheads too wide?

I'm about to tack weld, and notice that the side panels bulge outboard very slightly at each bulkhead, on both sides. Another way to describe it is, the side panels sit nicely flush on top of the bottom panel everywhere except at the bulkheads.

I've seen older posts describing this, and it seems like others have removed the bulkheads and reduced their width on both sides. 

Is that still the recommended solution?

If so, I'd have to conclude that the side panels are intended to sit on top of the bottom panel.

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RE: Kaholo 12-6 bulkheads too wide?

Without pictures, I am having a hard time visualizing the problems.  If you can't post pictures here, try the CLC Builders FB group.  I am not a fan of FB but it is far easier posting pictures than this forum.

When you start wiring things together, make sure that the bottom of the BHs are flush with the bottom of the side panels.  After the bottom goes on, you will flip the board and plane off the top of the shear clamps and BHs.  This will make the top perfectly flat before installing the deck.

While it is possible that there is a problem with your kit, it is highly unlikely.  The Kaholo has been in production a long time any any fundamental errors have long since been corrected,  I will add that the 12.5 that I build two years ago wired up without modification to the BHs.

Whatever you do, do not modify the bulkheaads without first speaking to CLC.  CAll during normal working hours and you will get answers very quickly.

RE: Kaholo 12-6 bulkheads too wide?

Mark - Thanks for the quick reply. I thought I had replied to you Sunday night, but I don't see the reply.

I will either call or plow ahead. The overhang is <=1/16th". I built a Skerry several years ago and these little worries were put into perspective by a finished, beautiful looking and wonderful sailing boat.   

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