Tenderly Dinghy Gaffed Rigged Sloop

Here's a completed 16 months build of the Tenderly Dinghy, "Full and By", except it's a gaff rigged sloop.

The hull is the basic CLC kit with an addition of the bowsprit and samson post. The rigging was modified from balanced lug to gaffed sloop, with the rigging and sail plan designed by me. The sails were custom cut and sourced from Sailrite. The total sail area is 68 sf, slightly more than the CLC version.

She sails great on all points and I've seen up to 4.1mph on the GPS. The addition of the jib and gaff were purposeful in making her a little bit more handful to sail. This will give the crew of two small boys and one girl more jobs to do...and more fun too :) I also love the look of the classic gaffed sloop, and the Tenderly was a really good basis.

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RE: Tenderly Dinghy Gaffed Rigged Sloop

Wow--she's a stunner!  Well done.

As someone who's been contemplating the Lake Union Swift (aka, Tenderly XP), I'm wondering if that was an option when you started on this project.

I think I'd be a lot more comfortable with the bench seating on the Swift, but I much prefer the look of your gaff rigged sail plan and wooden spars.  Any thoughts on how the two compare?

RE: Tenderly Dinghy Gaffed Rigged Sloop

Is the mast hollow with a bird's nest construction?  And does the small hull carry such a relatively heavy rig adequately?  Have you weighted the centerboard at all?

Needless to say, we'd love more details and more photos if you've got 'em.

RE: Tenderly Dinghy Gaffed Rigged Sloop

Thank you! To answer your questions: yes I had the same thought with the Swift's bench seats vs Tenderly's row boat seats, but Swift wasn't around yet at the time. Even then, I still prefer the more "workboat" look so I would still have picked the Tenderly. I don't mind the athwart seat but that's completely personal.

The mast and spars are solid, but they're tapered and rounded. The CLC's Tenderly uses square mast and spars, so my build weighs slightly less. The rigging is not that much heavier than CLC's. There's about the same amount of wood aloft.

Let me know if there's any pictures in particular you're looking for. Don't want to inundate the forum too much with my own personal photos, but here's some more :) 

RE: Tenderly Dinghy Gaffed Rigged Sloop

I'd sail that. Don't worry about inundating the forum. Good pictures of a pretty boat are always welcome.

Nice job,



RE: Tenderly Dinghy Gaffed Rigged Sloop

That's good to know, thanks, Laszlo :) 

RE: Tenderly Dinghy Gaffed Rigged Sloop

"Amen!" to Laszlo's comment regarding photos!  Helps us get through the times when we can't go "messing about in boats" ourselves.  <;-)

How's the spiral lacing on the mainsail luff (vs. hoops) working out for you?

We wish you all joy of messing about with rope in your fine looking family treasure!


RE: Tenderly Dinghy Gaffed Rigged Sloop

Thanks, Michael. The spiral works just fine for me. It's fast and easy to rig up and take down. The hoops would not be as portable, I think.

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