Waterlust Detail

For those interested in this design, who envision using their Waterlust for overnight camping aboard, I'm posting a detail that's become obvious who are doing just that.

In the even of rain, as designed the mizzen mast step is open to water intrusion. The two main mast pockets forward are fully boxed in so though they may hold water from water coming onto the deck, it's not something that would disrupt a camper's comfort by coming into the cockpit where they be sleeping.

Adding a similar mast pocket box presents a formidable challenge once the deck's bonded in place so if camping aboard is intended it's probably a "good idea" to box in the mizzen mast step as well before adding the deck!

The thread this appeared in today is the longest (by far!) on the forum hosted by FyneBoatKits over in the UK. Anyone interested in this design will be rewarded by what they read there augmenting the kit's documentation as well as reports on how this craft performs in use.

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