How to repair deep scratches on wood duck?

I finished my wood duck hybrid this spring and due to the assistance of this forum it actually turned out ok. I bought a kayak rack that is on the wall of my garage and managed to put several gouges in the hull down to the fiberglass. The fiberglass is visible but I cannot feel the texture. Here is where it gets ugly.  I had as small amount of varnish left so I thought I should just touch it up with varnish and it would make the gouges dissappear.  Bad idea. I then read on pygmie boats site that I should have sanded it down to the (now varanished deep scratches) and apply epoxy then varnish.. OOPS. I tried just some hand sanding , applied epoxy, and the fiberglass did not dissappear. Maybe the varnish prevents that?? Sand deeper? 

So my varnish has hardened, I cannot be certain of where the epoxy went since the scratches are not  just a simple staight line and I realize I should just revarnish the hull.  I ordered 1 pint of varnish. I will do an orbital sand of the hull to clean it up but.... how do I get the gouges and fiberglass weave to dissappear if possible? I will sand down on these areas and apply thin layer of epoxy then varnish or am I missing something. Keeping in mind the scratches are not visible when the kayak is in the water. thanks

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RE: How to repair deep scratches on wood duck?

Sand down to bare wood on the damaged areas to remove the damaged glass and apply a glass patch.

If the damaged areas are small enough, you can just paint them with epoxy after sanding and not bother with the patch.



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