Please Make the "Kayak Chooser" Make Sense

The issue is this disclaimer:  "Once you've got the choices narrowed down, you'll still want to make sure that your height, weight, and shoe size are a good fit."


In other words, answering subjective (and largely arbitrary) questions produces kayak suggestions that might objectively not fit.  It would make most sense to not only include those objective questions, but ask them first.


Two critical questions not asked at all are about the builder's paddling experience / tolerance for "tippiness" and expected water conditions.  Choosing without this info could produce a boat a builder never feels comfortable paddling.


The building experience question is too vague.  Someone may be completely comfortable with one method, and know nothing about the rest.

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RE: Please Make the "Kayak Chooser" Make Sense

You need to send this comment to the CLC staff using either the "Contact Us" or "Customer Service" links in the top right corner of this page. This is the Builders' Forum and is inhabited by CLC customers who have no control over the website content but are will to help each other with build questions.

That said, what do you mean by "Kayak Chooser"? Is it the Compare Our Boats page or the Compare Kayak Specifications page? Or something else?

Paddling experience and tolerance for tippiness are moving targets. They change from day-to-day. The more one paddles, the greater the experience, especially if the one is working on learning and challenges oneself with exposure to new conditions at the limits of their comfort zone. The tolerance for tippiness can change from hour-to-hour depending on one's physical state, and where and when one is paddling. It will also change as beginners become intermediate and then experienced. It's probably not worth asking about. Instead, the CLC approach to using the performance guages to indicate relative speed, stability and capacity is probably a lot better since it allows the builder to decide for themself.

Then of course, there's this forum. pretty much everyone here has personally been through the process. There are many different insights and points of view. If you have a question about which boat to select and how to build it, just post it here and we'll do our bext to answer it.



RE: Please Make the "Kayak Chooser" Make Sense

I understand the Builders' Forum.  I also understand that CLC is a small company where managers and designers care about customers, and surely recognize the Forum's value as a source of customer feedback about their products.  The OP is my feedback after I clicked on a CLC e-mail link stating "we've devised a new "Kayak Chooser" widget " and navigated around the widget - which is a CLC product, just as a rowboat or trailer are their products.


Tolerance for narrow, "tippy" kayaks evolves gradually, as one gains experience in less-tippy boats.  CLC's performance gauges imply they view this factor as important; I just suggested they apply the same logic (theirs, not mine) to their new tool.


As for me personally, I appreciate your kind offer, but I'm not looking for kit-selection advice.  I'm a long-time boater, builder, and CLC customer who knows what I'm looking for (and how to use the performance gauges, etc.).  I see the Kayak Chooser as a tool seemingly aimed at the newer, less experienced (and unfamiliar with jargon) builder who could really use a few tweaks to make it more intuitive.

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