Trailer trailer post-build costs

Just a heads up that getting a trailex trailer inspected, titled and registered can be pricey and complicated.  Here in PA the SUT-250 trailer I assembled for my Skerry required an "enhanced inspection" @ $200 due to the fact that I assembled it from a kit, and the title/registration fee was an additional $200.  Also there is a pretty short list of inspectors certified in PA to do enhanced inspections and, when I finally found one, they made me move the tail lights behind the rear roller to pass.  Don't know if it is that complicated in other states but good to find out ahead of purchasing the kit. Nice trailer though!

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RE: Trailer trailer post-build costs

   Good point.  Every state is different and some are particularly dumb.  Initially I didn't have any trouble with mine in MD.  Then I moved to CT and their rules were all different.  One thing came back to haunt me, and that's that CT doesn't title small trailers.  So, when I moved back to MD 3 years later, it took 2 visits to MVA before they figured out how to get me retitled and registered.  PA sound particularly punishing in the inspection department though.  

RE: Trailer trailer post-build costs

   Easy here in NC. I provided the documentation sent by CLC paid tax, Registration and title fee. Title came in the mail in a few weeks.


RE: Trailer trailer post-build costs


Who would have thought something like that would happen? But now that I think about it, I can.

I assembled a Nuway kit over 30 years ago, and had no trouble getting it titled in Virginia. Must still be like that now as I know someone who recently assembled a kit from Harbor Freight, I think, and I don't think he had any trouble at all.

This matter of states that don't title trailers drives me crazy. I bought a boat with trailer that originated in Oklahoma I think, untitled trailer. I had been told just title as homemade, no problem. But it is a problem. Even here in Virginia. It would have to go through the inspection process as in PA, maybe even with proof of my qualifications. Eventually I sold the boat  and trailer to another "lawbreaker".

So what's the difference? Difficult to title a factory made trailer, but easy to title a self assembled trailer.

If you live in a state that doesn't title trailers, please hold on to the Statement of Origin. Your trailer will be worth more.


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