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I started building my CH17 in 2005 and then got...sidetracked.  It has been sort of a canoe in the garage for almost 17 years.  I have the 1997 plans.

I am about to put on the deck and I am just checking a few things.  The cockpit opening is perfectly aligned to the deck beam and the rear bulhead.  I have about 1/8" of wiggle to the front and back of the cockpit opening.  The rear of the deck beam is 93" from the bow and the bulhead is 124".

My drawings do not show an exact location for the bow and stern hatch openings so I am assuming that there is a certain amount of adjustability for personal preference?

I intend to put on a paddle float "X" behind the cockpit (or maybe quick release webbing) and a double "X" on the forward deck as well.

Anyone have a hatch layout (with measurements) for the CH17 that they recommend?

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RE: CH17 Hatch location

   I put the hatch such that there was a 12" clear deck from edge of cockpit combing rim to the hatch. I think that is 14 or 15" hole to hole.  It was seven years ago.  That gives me enough space to put a 12pack cooler in front of the hatch and have access to the rest of the space. It also gets the 2nd heaviest thing in the boat next to the cockpit. 



RE: CH17 Hatch location

That's a very practical criteria.  Thanks.

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