Mill Creek 16.5 Mast

 A while back I built a MC from plans that I has purchased back in 2010. This spring I built the sail rig, using a bermudan sail from a well known canoe sail company in the UK. It is great fun, stable and reasonably quick. It is however a bit of a hassle getting the whole thing on and off the beach where I usually sail in the Solway, and there are days when I would like to be able to sail without the outriggers. The sail/ mast combo I have is not really suitable for that, at least with my abilities. I hope therefore to buy the standing lug sail from CLCs UK agents, and build the mast and spars. The plans and instruction manual give sail dimensions, but bo indication of mast height, or construction. Not sure whether to build a solid wooden mast or use aluminium, and what dimensions would be appropriate. I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has made their own mast/spars for this boat.

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