Skerry mast

 Hi all, I have a question about wooden mast. I buy timber in dimensions 50*80mm, in blueprints is mast made by two timber glued thogheter. My question is, do I need made mast from two parts or I can made it from one timber in dimensions 50*50? Thank you

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RE: Skerry mast

This has been on here for a while with no responses, so here you go...  If you can get one timber of the size that is needed in mast quality (minimal knots), then I don't see any reason why not.  I think the reason most of the mast timbers are glued is that is it is easier to get higher quality in smaller sections that larger sections.     

RE: Skerry mast

   Also laminated masts are usually considered to be more resistant to warping. The grains can oppose each other. 

RE: Skerry mast

   Thank you on yor good replay, I cut wood and laminate it how you are suggested,😀 thank you again

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