Pocketship cockpit capacity

I am interested in building a Pocketship and sailing her in the Barnegat Bay, NJ.  My typical usage will either be single handing (75% of the time) or afternoon sails with 4 people (25%).

The Pocketship appears to check all of my boxes with one outstanding question:  can 4 people (8 feet) fit in her cockpit?

Thanks, Bob

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RE: Pocketship cockpit capacity

I went out for a demo ride at the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival some years back with John Harris, my wife and a 4th adult. We fit just fine and it was a very enjoyable sail.

Back in 2019 I got to ride aboard PocketShip with John Staub and Dillon Majoros during a Beercan race. There was plenty of room even with the outboard stored in the cockpit.

The cockpit feels like one from a much larger boat.



RE: Pocketship cockpit capacity

There are some photos in the gallery showing folks standing comfortably in the open companionway.  My wife used to do that aboard out catboat.


RE: Pocketship cockpit capacity

I live in Princeton NJ, and I built a Pocketship last year.  If you like you could come and check it out in my driveway.  I will probably be sailing it in Barnegat Bay some time this summer, and you are welcome to check it out on the water.


Check out some photos of its construction:




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