Working on the interior

After nearly 3 (!) years, I am nearly finished with the exterior of my Skerry. Lots of time off during winters and pandemics, but I hope to get the boat in the water this summer.

I am about to start working on the interior, and have some very basic questions about how to proceed.

I am tall, and have long arms, but even so, I don't think that leaving the boat on my sawhorses is feasible. I don't think I'll be able to reach everything that I'll need to and sand, apply epoxy and fillets, etc., conveniently.

So do I just put the boat on the floor and climb into it? I'm concerned about damaging the bottom. Or do I put the boat on something kind of foam supports?

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RE: Working on the interior

   I built my NE Dory without getting inside.  I have been getting inside my current Rhode Runner build, but it is bigger and much beefier, especially in the later stages of the build.  But in both case I've done most of the "right side up" work using v-shaped cradle supports.  Use a bevel gage, or carboard template, or the "negative" piece of plywood panel left over from your frames, to find the angle of the hull about 1/3 and 2/3 back from the bow, or wherever looks like the right place to your two cradle supports.  Then glue or scew or nail two 1x4 or 2x4 scraps together at these angles, then use whatever additional wood scraps you have around to build lateral base supports so your new v-shaped hull support can't tip sideways.  Pad as necessary (maybe split pool noodles if you desire) then cover over with plastic just to be sure you never glue it to the hull,.  Then put your hull into these cradles.  Works like a champ, the boat isn't tippy and the keel will be within a few inces of the floor, realtively easy to lean into and work.

Here is a (sort of) diagram.

\     boat goes here   /

   \                          /

    | \                  /|

    |   \           /    |

__|____  V___ |___    



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