Shear or Sheer

Recently I sent an email to Eric Schade asking about shear clamps. He responded that it was my choice whether or not to use a sheer clamp. Then I noticed in his instruction book he uses the two spellings interchangably several times. Wondering which was right, I pulled out my copy of Pete Culler's book Skiffs and Schooners, knowing that old Pete would have known the answer. Sure enough, it's sheer. I stand corrected. -Wes

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RE: Shear or Sheer

Yes - it's a bit like the other common mis-spell we often see, 'combing' for 'coaming' - not a big deal, though!

I recently completed an Eric Schade-designed Shearwater 17S&G and incorporated sheer clamps instead of following the design method of glueing-up the internal hull/ deck joint through the cockpit and hatches cut-outs (in fact, I didn't install any hatches).   Seemed to work out OK!

(There's recent thread here started on June 25th 'Shearwater 17S&G by Wordsmith' that shows the finished product with - alas - only partial photos).


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