Wood Duck 14 front hatch gasket

Just finishing up a WD14 I started in a class last fall. 

I put the gasket around the edge of the hatch before I notices that the gasket was wide enough that when I put the hatch on, the gasket goes all the way over the hatch sill and the rim. It doesn't do that on the (larger) forward hatch.

The hatch seem to stick up a little proud of the deck unless I put most of my weight on it. I haven't put the toggles on yet, but I wonder if they will be able to hold the hatch down flush.

I'm thinking I should just trim the gasket back a tiny bit so that it fits between the spacer and the rim.

Or did I do something wrong earlier in the build?

Hatch gasket issue

Hatch cover upside-down on left, hatch opening showing rim on right.

I know I have to finish the gasket.

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RE: Wood Duck 14 front hatch gasket

Hi Mike, 

what you describe is fairly typical and i would not do any trimming and go ahead with your toggles.  the nature of the foam is it's fairly resistent until it has sat for a while compressed.  so i would hold off on any adjustments unless you find them unclosable with toggles.

this way you will keep a nice, tight seal.  



RE: Wood Duck 14 front hatch gasket

   Thanks. I'll hold off. Best to do no harm. 

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