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Ahoy fellow boatbuilders! I am new to the craft and have started a blog to chronicle my adventures (or misadventures). I would welcome any advice or critical observations about how things are progressing. 

No serious issues or questions at the moment; I have been following the advice of many helpful posters. However, I am sure I'll have some as the work progresses, and have seen how this forum often rapidly resolves them.


Thanks in advance; I'll see you on the water (in a few months).


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RE: Wood Duck 12 Blog

Looking good. You're going to have fun.


RE: Wood Duck 12 Blog

   Thanks for taking a look, Laszlo! You've probably noted I incorporated some of your learnings.

I actually have three things I am pondering at the moment, before I move on:

1 - Value of tack-welding some of the more finicky joints with CA glue prior to removing from dry-fit and proceeding with epoxy tack-weld;

2 - Severity of the couple of places in hull seams (one on the keel, one betwen hull and side panel) where I have a gap of no more than 1/16 of an inch for about 8-10 inches;

3 - Severity of the couple of places in hull-side panel seams where one panel is not completely flush with the other - overlap of about 1/32 of an inch, for 4-6 inches. Some success in reducing this by removing wires, sanding down a bit.

Any thoughts on the above concerns?


RE: Wood Duck 12 Blog

Note, I visited the CLC Booth at Canoecopia in Madison this spring, and this is the WD12 they had on display. Looks like in this instance there was a hull panel that projected out over the adjoining side panel enough to expose beneath the veneer a bit - is that the correct interpretation here? So, structurally not an issue I presume, just aesthetics?