Peapod Sailing Rig

Wondering if any Peapod builders have run into the following problem with rigging the lug sailt to the yard:

The manual calls for 5/16" holes to be drilled at each end of the yard for lashing the top of sail and using as outhaul points. So far so good.

After showing how to attach the sail to the yard with 1/8" line, the instructions then say to thread the 1/4" halyard through a hole in the middle of the yard, and then bring it forward to the front end of the yard and attach it there with a bowline. The problem is that the 5/16 hole is  already occupied by the double-looped 1/8 lashing for the sail. Where is this bowline supposed to be attached? 

I called CLC and they said to "drill the hole a little bigger". This is annoying especially after the varnish work is done on the yard and the sail is all rigged except for this, and I am also concerned that I will weaken or damage the area by drilling a 9/16 hole, almost twice as wide as the original. This is not "a little bigger". They also said that bringing the halyard to the forward part of the yard is not absolutely necessary, or that as an alternative I could tie the halyard to the forward outhaul lashings. These do not seem very efficient.

How have other people deal with this? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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RE: Peapod Sailing Rig

   I have just built the peapod and contiplating the sails and rigging, several issues

1. I agree totally on your comments on the topping lift and sail tying in the same hole

2. I will seperate the hoist from the yard end so I can remove the yard when dropping sail

3. As a lifelong sailor some questions: I'm a mile offshore and the wind dies. I drop the sails so I can row in. Drop on my head? the seats? do I have room to row? do we need a boom crutch or other to keep the boom/yard aay so we can row?

4. I bought 8 foot oars, where do I put them?

looking forward to chat

Jeff, Portland Maine









RE: Peapod Sailing Rig

   Hi Jose, 

Good to hear from you. I had the same problem and didn't want to drill the hole larger for fear that it would weaken the area. I drilled a smaller hole just small enough to accept the line lashing the sail to the yard. Maybe 1" away. Seemed to work well. Jockey it around and it fit nicely end to end. 

Right now I'm trying to get creative on lashing the main sheet block to the boom. I don't like the way it is shown in the manual. Do you see where it is chewing up the boom? Ideas my friend?




RE: Peapod Sailing Rig

   Hi Dean,

Yes I do not like the proposed main sheet attachment (looks awful in the photo) and was thinking about that same problem this weekend. I still do not have a solution but will share any bright idea if it comes to me.

How wide was that extra hole? Did you double-loop the lashing? What do you think of adding a padeye on the top forward end of the yard instead?

Hi  Jeff,

I have the same questions.What was your solution for separting the hoist from the yard end? 


RE: Peapod Sailing Rig

   I did double loop the line. Seems like it was a 1/4" hole. Didn't consider a padeye but it should work too. The sail is attached at multiple points so it's not like all the tension is on the one spot. 


RE: Peapod Sailing Rig


my solution to the halyard issue and removable yard: I placed an eye in the yard halyard hole and ran the halyard above the yard to the end with a clip that can be attached to a similar 'eye'. This enables the halyard to be removed with the clip ('snapshackle') small enough to completely be removed from the yard. The halyard still goes around the starboard side of the mast. The result is easy to disengage the boom and yard from the mast and store on the side or elsewhere.


RE: Peapod Sailing Rig

   Thank you everyone for your comments. I was able to thread two loops of 1/8" line through the same hole used for the sail.attachment. The halyard can then be tied to that double loop at the forward end of the yard.


RE: Peapod Sailing Rig

   Just to add here for anyone searching in the future.  I ended up just bending the halyard directly to the yard just inboard of the hole.  You can use a halyard bend or a rolling hitch.  

For dropping the sail, I added a simple pair of lazy jacks.  I lashed a block for the halyard forward of the mast and a small block for the lazy jacks aft instead of using the hole for the halyard.  This way the lazy jacks can also act as a topping lift and keep the spars out of the way.

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