epoxying the insides of the bulkheads

I'm just about done with my shearwater sport sectional, and I'm seeing that there are places on the bulkheads that don't have epoxy on them.  Did I miss a step along the way?  I'm assuming I should give them a coating to keep them dry. (This is the side facing the cockpit and the hatches -- the sides where they connect were epoxied when I added fiberglass.)

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RE: epoxying the insides of the bulkheads

   There should be no bare wood anywhere.This is to prevent or at least slow down moisture intrution as much as posible. Two coats at least is preferable.

RE: epoxying the inside before assembling?

   I was wondering if it was a good idea to epoxy the inside surfaces of the oar before assembling it. Imbuilding the peeler I figure I could eliminate a lot of sanding if I epoxies on a flat surface instead of a vertical surface after assembly. Any thoughts on the. Subject ?

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