Cork as deck pad for Kaholo SUP?

Not super thrilled with the color of the storm grey Seadek pads that came with the Kaholo kit. I know I could buy different colors directly from the supplier. But I have a nice roll of cork at hand from a different project. Wondering if that would make a good SUP pad? What glue would one use to create a solid permanent bond between cork and an epoxied deck? Maybe just slightly thickened epoxy? And I suppose one would varnish AFTER the cork pad was laid down?

Anybody with experience using cork as a SUP pad?

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RE: Cork as deck pad for Kaholo SUP?

   John, we're building the Eastport Nesting Pram and also not too excited by the color of SeaDek CLC offers as an option. The prospect of using cork as alternative padding sounds really nice. I'm looking forward to hearing what anyone has to say about using it.


RE: Cork as deck pad for Kaholo SUP?

John, you got me interested in cork and I did a search on it where I found two companies selling stuff specifically designed for marine decking -- Seacork and Marinedeck 2000.

Having read some of their websites, I wonder if your roll of cork would be suitable. Is it dense enough for long term standing on? Would the glue binding the cork together suitable for marine use?


RE: Cork as deck pad for Kaholo SUP?

   I don't know if it's dense enough? The project I used it on originally was as the surface of a yoga "instability" board for my wife. It still looks great on that, but admittedly it does not get used much OR in the water. 

Hm. I was decided to head down this path, but now you've got me wondering.

RE: Cork as deck pad for Kaholo SUP?

You can always run a quick test to see how the cork you have will perform.  Get some water from the body of water you plan to use it and place the cork in it for a week or you can use tap water or make up your own ocean water mix (3.5% salt).   Does the cork and adhesive hold up after a week long immersion? 

I am also interested in using something different than the clc gray pads, but I plan on going this season without anything and adding it as an upgrade later on.  I like the idea of cork, I may have to purchase some small samples and test them out.    


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