Centerboard Pin Holes in Boat

I'm building a Peapod that I am trying to finish this year, then I may tackle the sailing kit next winter.  I drilled the holes in the centerboard trunk where the centerboard pin will eventually go.  As the boat kit does not include the centerboard, how do I handle the holes when I want to use it in a rowing configuration?  Are they high enough above the water even with a heavily loaded boat that I just ignore them?  Or do I need to temporarily seal them until I install the pin?  How?

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RE: Centerboard Pin Holes in Boat

PF I'll suggest simply slapping a layer (or two?) of common duct tape over each hole. Or maybe packing tape, the clear plastic kind. If your centerboard trunk  sides are smooth, the tape'll stick well enough to prevent water intrusion (which I think will happen when you put anything into your rowing!) yet be easily removed when the time comes to put your centerboard into place with its pin. If there's any residual adhesive left behind usually some mineral spirits or denatured alcohol will remove it pretty easily.

Or maybe look for a pair of suitably sized rubber stoppers in your nearest hardware store? Something tapered so you can jam 'em in but still have something to grab onto when you need to.

RE: Centerboard Pin Holes in Boat

   It is pretty low on the trunk so I'd think it needs to be capped.  Otherwise, at best, you'll be mopping out trickles of water and at worst have a real leak.  Look at the Construction Gallery on this site.  You can see the covers that are used for the pin.

I see no reason you couldn't assemble the hole covers dry, with maybe a cork or rubber gasket instead of epoxy fillets.  Then when you get the sailing kit, you just have to use a razor knife to cut through the varnish coat, pop off the covers and you are ready to assemble after sanding a bit of varnish out of the way.

RE: Centerboard Pin Holes in Boat

   Just remember to coat all the cut surfaces in epoxy first so moisture doesn't find it's way into the plywood.

RE: Centerboard Pin Holes in Boat

If you are rowing and the centerboard slot is open, you'll have some turbulence from the open slot and some water sloshing around in the trunk. Maybe you should consider covering the entire slot with Gorilla tape to keep that from happening until you do finish the sailing kit. Gorilla tape is remarkably strong and quite water resistant. I use it to patch skin-on-frame kayaks when necessary and one patch can last for years!  

RE: Centerboard Pin Holes in Boat

   So you have centerboard pin hole in the trunk.? 

Just put a pin , aka bolt, washers and nut , in the hole with some  4200 caulk.  Then make a plug for the top of the trunk.  I have a T-plug in the top of  my dagger board hole when the boat is rowed or under power.  Water splashes up.

I wouldn't worry about the drag from the CB opening in the hull. It isn't a racing boat. . 

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