Ollie, ollie oxen free

Actually, it's got nothing to do with oxen and it probably won't be free. It's John Harris's latest post in his Life of Boats blog - Ollie: Another Pretty Canoe Yawl for Sailing Purists. As usual, a good read, especially if you like Dovekies and Autumn Leaves.


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RE: Ollie, ollie oxen free

As a young man (75 now) I really loved the way a friend's Dovekie sailed but I always thought the leeboards aesthetically jarring, Autumn Leaves is beautiful and very tempting, but an old man needs a little room to stretch when trying to sleep. When I saw the piece about Ollie in WoodenBoat she looked like Dovekie refined, with no leeboards. I wonder if there's enough room for a comfortable foam pad and a sleeping bag. John definitely has the eye and the talent to channel L. Francis Herreshoff.

In another month or so, I'll be getting my Peeler Skiff ready for the summer. Thanks, John.

RE: Ollie, ollie oxen free

   I was flipping through the WB Magazine that came this morning when I came across a line drawing of a man sitting in a boat cockpit and had a "wait-what" moment. That is John Harris - what the heck is he up to now. I flipped back a few pages to find Ollie and had a flash back to Aucoot cove where I saw my first Dovkie. I hope someone builds one of these I would love to see it.

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