Shearwater 17 Hybrid, Making Sure the Deck Forms are Properly Aligned before Gluing the Forms to the Hull


I am working on a Shearwater 17 Hybrid kit.  I have finished glassing the hull and now need to hot glue in the deck forms.  My forms in the middle, forms 6 to 11 in the instructions, aren't lining up well with the sheer clamps.  These forms sit low on the sheer clamps, so I will have to hold them up with a helper while I hot glue them in.  the forms at the bow and stern, 1-5 and 12 to 16, line up well with the sheer clamps.  How can I make sure the alignment of the middle forms is true to the plans?  Should I just eyeball this?  The instructions just say the spacing of the forms is nominally 12" but aerospace precision is not required.  They go on to say, get the forms reasonably close and the deck will go together fine.  I will have to lift the # 6 and 10.5 forms up a bit when I glue them to make sure the forms are higher than the bulkheads.  I have some photos, but don't know how to post them to this message board.

I tried searching the web, and saw that in the past templates for planing the sheer clamp were included with  kits, but no template came with my Shearwater 17 hybrid kit.  I have used these kit templates to plane sheer clamps when I built a Chesapeake kit years ago.  The current instructions eliminate the template, and use the forms as the angle of the bevel for planing the sheer clamps.

I saw a post from Tempest 170 dated 8/21/2021 with a response from Hspira, indicating it isn't uncommon for the panels to widen a little from the design.  Hspira suggested holding the panels together with fiberglass strapping tape before filleting, but that is too late for me.  The fillets are in and the hull panels are glassed.  

I am working on this project slowly, so it would make sense to keep the hull panels in the proper shape while I work on the deck.  My wife thought using fiberglass stapping tape might damage the fiberglassed hull when I try to remove the tape.  I have never used fiberglass strapping tape.  Could it cause damage to the hull if I apply it to the fiberglass hull panels to keep the panels locked in shape?  I plan to paint my hull rather than have a varnished finish, but I wouldn't want the fiberglass strapping tape separate the hull fiberglass from the okoume side panels.




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