WD12 Footpeg install pics

Here is a pic of the peg issues.  You can see how far it extends above the edge.  Is this right?

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RE: WD12 Footpeg install pics

It's hard to tell, but it looks the same as mine and I've had no problems. Here's mine:

It looks as if we're using the same footbrace system so you can scale this picture to see if our positions match.

Remember that the deck has a pretty good curve at that point. The curve of the deck makes room for the footbraces and feet.



RE: WD12 Footpeg install pics

   There is also the vertical adjustment kit that moves the footpegs lower while keeping the mounting studs in the same location.  My recollection was that the footpegs I used recommended using the vertical adjustment kit when I build my WD 12, so I didn't question it or try it without.


RE: WD12 Footpeg install pics

I got a chance to look inside my WD12 yesterday and my footbraces are every bit as high above the sheer as the one in the OP above. No problem.



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