Teardrop galley shelf crack after delivery

Hello forum members.  I recently finished the teardrop camper and sold it to a lady in Durham, NC.  After delivery, she asked about a crack on the galley flat near the bulkhead under the battery (it was towed across the country from CA to NC by a shipper she hired).  She doesn't know epoxy, fiberglass or finishes. I think the battery must have done some bouncing - it is the AGM version and heavy.

I'm seeking someone in this community who lives near the Raleigh/Durham area to apply a repair to the galley flat.  I posted about this in the teardrop forum but was suggested I post here instead due to the larger audience.  

I'll pay for labor and materials to do the repair. 



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RE: Teardrop galley shelf crack after delivery

   Hello folks - would really appreciate if someone on the forum knew someone in Raleigh/Durham area who could help.  I expect the repair to take a couple days and I'm offering $400/day.  


RE: Teardrop galley shelf crack after delivery


I have built four of these for CLC, so I know the design well. I am also located in Richmond, about two hours away. You can reach me via email. Laszlo alerted me to the situation, proof that the community is always looking out for one another. I have been out of the loop for quite a while, but it is nice that I still get thought of from time to time. 


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