Floorboards for Northeaster

I'm thinking of making removable floorboards for the NE dory I am building. Interested in plans or suggestions.


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RE: Floorboards for Northeaster

   If you want floorboards, go for it, the boat geometry should make it a relatively simple process, but do remember the floor isn't actually flat/planar in both directions.

BUT, why?

I have a NE Dory.  It isn't a good boat for in-out swimming, so you porbably won't be bringing water aboard due to that use.  I don't use it for pulling duck decoys.  And you do really have to push the boat hard while sailing to ship any significant amount of water.  So if the purpose of the floorboards is to keep your toes dry, I myself wouldn't find it necessary.  Much quicker to do a mop up with a sponge to remove that half-cup of stray water, if required.

If you're thinking about doing it to protect the bottom, 1) there are simpler methods of protection, and 2) protection shouldn't be necessary unless you really get in and out frequently with sandy feet.  So, you could add a layer of glass during the build if you really felt the need.  You can use the flooring closed-cell foam/rubber mat like stuff that CLC has available and glue that to the bottom.  CLC has this foam installed on several of their boat-show boats.  You could do as I did (my floor is painted) and add non-skid material to the paint for the paing on the bottom panel.  Best use the good non-skid stuff made for boats, which I think is some sort of ground resin type stuff, not the sand-mix you'll find at the hardware store.  After 4 years my non-skid is showing just a bit of wear, but will only take a few hours of re-painting with new non-skid when/if the time comes to refresh.

My final "no" vote has to do with the fact that the seats are already quite low and the freeboard not all that large in this boat.  The floorboards will raise the CG of everthing stored on the floor, and will further raise your knees towards your ears when sitting in the boat.

And back to my first comment, floorboards should be relatively easy, but maybe only necessary if your use will include shipping a lot of water, or if you want the aesthetic.

RE: Floorboards for Northeaster

   Thanks for the advice!

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