Petrel Deck Alignment

Hi.  first Build and going ok so far.  Until today.  Did a dry fit of putting the deck on the hull.  Stern is taped and looks like a good fit.  Cockpit area is close and was able to tape it in place with a little help from a putty knife pushing and pulling.   But when I got to the front hatch area the Deck over hangs the hull about  1/2 to 3/4 inch per side.  I pushed the hull and got it to move with some force but cant keep it there with tape.  Deck seam to have little give or movement.

I keep the forms in place as I glassed both the hull and deck as instruction stay. Both hull and deck are both a little out of alignment to the forms now.

Hull has glass inside and out with second layer of glass on bottom and wrapped 1inch over the chimes and fill coat.  Deck has glass on inside only with fill coat.

So my thought was to drill a couple of holes on each side of the hull & deck and stitch it.  Once I tape the  inside seam and it dries then I can remove the stitches.

Any suggests would be appriecated.


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RE: Petrel Deck Alignment

   Dont know if matters...but this is a Pretel play SG

RE: Petrel Deck Alignment

Hi Saltirose, 

i have not built the petrel play stitch and glue, but i have had similar issues on other builds.

so what i usually find, and its not totally clear to me based on your description, is that decks and hulls tend to widen out and then, as you say, get challenging to align.

one trick i have used when strapping taping from the outside does not create enough pressure to pull the hull and deck into alignment is to use strapping tape (i always use fibreglass filament tape becuase it does not stretch), across the hull or deck to pull it into the right dimension.  the picture below is a hull i am building right now and the strapping tape you see across the bottom is holding the deck in alignment to where the forms would have it if it was sitting perfectly where it should be.

then when i need to actually attach the deck to the hull, i kept this tape in place and then did the usual strapping tape on the outside to pull the hull and deck together (see picture below).

most of the tape is on the outside, but you can see that the blue marked tape was 6 pieces across the bottom of the deck to get it to line up (in this boat the deck flattened a lot after it came off the forms relative to the hull).

then, i went inside the boat and tacked the hull and deck together with cabosill/epoxy mixture working around the 6 blue tapes.   once that cured, i removed the 6 blue tapes and everything was now nicely in alignment and then i epoxy and fibreglass taped the inside as normal.

anyway, it worked very well.....stitches would have probably worked too....but i found this approach pretty easy and straightfoward and did not have to make any extra holes.  

hope that helps


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