Filling stitching holes after epoxy?

Hi guys, another question for you on my PMD take-apart build:


As I moved on to fill the weave and coat the outside of the hull with epoxy, i'm noticing that even after filling the weave and coating the outside of the boat with 2 coats of epoxy, that I can still see through the stitching holes. It's even more apparent if I crawl underneath the boat as I can see light shining through them. Also through a small gap on one of the puzzle joints.


I figured since the manual didn't say anything about filling these holes that the epoxy would just end up filling the holes, but it's not. I have only filled one side of the boat with epoxy and wonder if maybe after several coats of epoxy and varnish on the inside of the boat that maybe that will fill the holes? Or could I maybe use small amounts of wood-flour thickened epoxy and fill the holes on the outside of the hull before priming and painting? (even though there's already two coats of epoxy on the hull?

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RE: Filling stitching holes after epoxy?

   Yep I'm finishing mine and even after three coats on the hull and deck a few holes were still not complete covered so filled one by one with a squeegee. Just remember to clean some eventual drips. 

I kinda agree with you that this is not clear on the manual.


RE: Filling stitching holes after epoxy?

Are you worried about the light or the water coming through?

Even a fully filled watertight stitch hole can allow light through. Both the glass and epoxy are transparent or translucent. If that's all the hole has in it and over it you'll see sunlight coming through. Holes under fillets are generally covered with thickened epoxy and allow less, or even no, light through. The only way to guarantee an opaque hole is to fill it with something opaque like a toothpick, leave the copper wire in or paint over it with something opaque like paint or graphite/epoxy mix.

Sunlight through stitch holes is normal and hurts nothing at all. It's nothing to worry about from a safety or structural perspective. The same pretty much goes for narrow gaps at joints, especially if they have glass over them. Gaps of less than 1/8" are structurally completely harmless as long as they're filled with epoxy (thickened or unthickened).

I've had sunlight coming through filled stitch holes and joints in all my boats. It's a normal side-effect of the method and materials. Don't worry.




RE: Filling stitching holes after epoxy?

   Laszlo right as always, the holes are almost definitely filled with translucent epoxy.  Also keep in mind that the light will disappear anywhere you paint.  I was worried about the same thing on my build, but there was no reason to fret.

RE: Filling stitching holes after epoxy?

I had similar concerns after coating with epoxy.  

Poking at the stich holes with a bit of left over copper wire reassured me that they had been filled up with epoxy and that they would be watertight.



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