Kaholo 14 inspection Port (Beckson hatch)

I am getting really close to closing up the hull on my Kaholo 14.


Where did you put your inspection port (Beckson Hatch) The directions say 39.25" back from the bow.  However that seems pretty far forward.

I would like to put it between 6 and 12 inches foward of the Pad that will eventually be on the deck.

Is that too far back? What did you all do about the stringers?  I wondered about putting in some extra stringers to support the sides.  

Obviously I need to solve this before I close up the hull.

Thank You all This forum is pretty great.

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RE: Kaholo 14 inspection Port (Beckson hatch)

On my wife's 12.5, I mounted the hatch per the instructions, at around 35" from the bow.  You are correct that it is pretty far forward but it is not something that you will ever open while paddling, so you do not need it close to where you stand.  When you cut the hole, you end up cutting the center stringer but it really does not matter, because nobody will ever stand that far forward.  The hatch fits between the two outer stringers.


RE: Kaholo 14 inspection Port (Beckson hatch)

   On the 14, I put it where it's specified, except I had a 6" Beckson w/ the ditty bag, not the 4", so I clipped the end off the center stringer when I cut it.  I would leave it there, or you will cut through the stringer at full depth and maybe lose a little deck stiffness if you put it aft of that next bulkhead.  You definitely don't want to cut the bulkhead, IMO.  

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