My boat has been upside down, on sawhorses, for a couple of years now. (Just applied the fiberglass today!)

While under the boat today, I noticed that some of the wood had what looked very much like mold. This wood has no epoxy on it. And then I noticed mold elsewhere in my work area, and it seems to be recent. (We've had a *lot* of rain and humidity lately.)

What do I do about this?

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RE: Mold?!

   Well, the first thing to do is get the boat turned up and completely dried out. Take advantage of any bright, sunny days. Once it is dry, check to see if the wood has started to rot (i.e., to soften when pushed with the tip of a knife or a nail). If you don't have wood rot, you're in luck. The wood will always remain discolored, but I'd just sand it and get it sealed with epoxy as quickly as I could. If you do have rot, you'll have to cut it out and patch in clean wood.

Remember that everything can be fixed! This is just one more challenge.

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