Fuel Compartment Vent

Hi everyone!
I have been working tirelessly on my Jimmy Skiff II and although I loved the build, I am thankful to report that I am very close to completion! There are just a few minor details to address. Maybe one not so minor is figuring out how to vent my fuel compartment. I will have a 3 gallon portable tank in the compartment forward of the forward bulkhead. Right now I have two louvers on either side of the lower mast partner in the forward bulkhead to allow some passive venting. I feel as though it'd be wise to have some positive pressure flow maybe from a solar fan mounted in the access hatch that I installed in the forward deck (I wanted to attach a picture but I can't figure out how to) but I don't think those are designed to be safe to move fuel fumes. I'm hoping I can pull from the vast experience on this forum to get some other ideas!
Thank you!



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