Skerry Build DONE!

Wanted to give a special shout out to the folks at CLC for answering all of my questions and those on this forum, Without you it would not have gone as smoothly nor with as much confidence.

Went for a yard sail.

Goal was to have her done by the feast day of Kateri Tekakwitha. Just got her done. Launching will be at a later date but the kids enjoy her already!



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RE: Skerry Build DONE!

What a jolly crew of young sailors!  I wish you all joy of sailing beyond the yard soon.


RE: Skerry Build DONE!

Thanks Gramps!

Now to convince the wife about a second boat. first one took 11 years so this one might be built on the 22nd anniversary!

Although while building her I thought that it might be cool to have a boat that could hold the whole family. Don't know if I really want to build that big, but maybe...

RE: Skerry Build DONE!

   Looks good! You wont get wet sailing on a lawn.

RE: Skerry Build DONE!

Eleven years!

This gives me hope, I'm only on my 3rd year.

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