Ch17 hatch question

Hi all ! Just a bit confused, am I to assume that the three hatch ribs with the same radius are for the rear hatch and the other two with a different radius from those are for the front hatch ? Directions are not that clear on this! And also what is the best way to determine the location of these ribs on the hatches for the best fit ?

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RE: Ch17 hatch question


You are correct, two on the front and three on the back.  The forward and aft ribs on each cover need to be positioned so that they fit in the hole in the deck, but not too far from the edge.  When properly positioned, the ribs keep the cover from moving forward/aft.  In this pict, I put the ribs on the small cover too far from the edge.  The cover can slip back and leave a little opening to the compartment.

RE: Ch17 hatch question

   Thank you for your response! Came out great almost no play in front hatch and about 3/4 inch in rear ! This forum is great I've gotten a lot of my questions answered here ! Again thanks

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